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Zipline package


The zipline adventure park is located in Orbaden, in the heart of Hälsingland.

SuperZipp, a tandem track of nearly 500 meters with a height of over 70 meters. As a grown-up you reach 80 km / h when it goes as fastest, and the experience becomes something extra special as it can be shared with a friend who at the same time goes on the line next to you. This is Sweden’s fastest tandem-zipeline, and the references in the tree tops make the speed really tangible. At the landing we are slowed down by a magnetic brake on a distance of 30 meters, even that is an experience that feels in the stomach.This package gives fantastic views of the Ljusnan valley as well as great speed down to the same! All with the highest security through our Swiss-made security system from Kanopeo.

After you day at Orbadens adventure park, you will stay at lovely hotel Järvsöbaden. Each room is very quaint, and homey. Our 5-course buffet dinner consists of a cheese platter, the house pickled herring, soup, the main course which is either a meat or fish, and dessert wtih coffee or tea. In the morning you will enjoy the breakfast buffé with home-made breads, jams and fresh squeezed orange juice.


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